Angelina Jolie 16 Year old First Interview

Before she became an internationally famous, Check out teenage Angelina Jolie (16 years old) posing for a very hot, sensual photoshoot for Intouch magazine.

Facebook Launches Subscribe Button for Following Anyone’s Public Updates

Facebook has launched a Subscribe button that lets you follow the public updates of others, regardless of whether you’re Facebook friends.
The new subscription options are part of Facebook’s effort to give users more control over their Facebook accounts and their News Feeds. “Facebook has always been working on giving users more control,” said Facebook Product Manager Naomi Gleit.

What Awesome New Web Search Ideas Should Google Launch in 2012?

Even though this year is nowhere near finished, a lot of people at Google are already thinking about things to launch next year. So I wanted to put the question out: what cool things would you like to see Google launch in 2012?

5 World’s Biggest Construction Vehicles

We usually focus on the amazing results of extraordinary construction projects on our blog, but those spectacular creations don’t build themselves. It’s time to pay the proper respect to some of the machines that make jaw-dropping construction possible, especially those epic forces of man-made innovation that tower above the rest.

TOP 100 Win Pics of the Month

Incredible Custom Built Computer Desk Mod in Pictures

Incredible Custom Built Computer Desk Mod

An ingenious and creative mod creator from the Netherlands constructed this sleek PC desk that glows in the dark and is fully functional. Equipped with 10TB of storage and completely water cooled, this creation is an entrant in the Cooler Master 2011 Case Mod Competition.

Celebrities Before and After Makeup

Celebs: Before and After Makeup

Some famous people don’t need paint all over their face to look great. Others, um, well… should not leave their home without makeup.